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The Radaro Report 2020-Mar-09

The Radaro Report 2020-Mar-09

Saluton from Radaro! This special Radaro Report covers two weeks of Esperantujo news and creative work. Ĝuu ĝin! (enjoy it!)Website of the Week is honored by Radaro as Website of the Week. Johannes and Eva recently celebrated five years of...

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The Radaro Report 2020-Feb-24

The Radaro Report 2020-Feb-24

Saluton from Radaro! Hope you are all doing well and are ready for some new Esperanto content. One particularly cool update is the one from Fingtam Esperanto who continues to maintain his passion for Esperanto after moving away to Thailand. Alex Miller's new video...

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The Radaro Report 2020-Feb-17

The Radaro Report 2020-Feb-17

Saluton from Radaro! Staying in touch with the world of Esperanto has the wonderful side effect of making one appreciate the community that is Esperantujo. Whether it is the magazines aimed at informing readers, or the videos made by enthusiastic Esperantists, one...

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Local Group Meetings

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On-Line Meetings

Monday Casual Chat Hosted by Paige Feldmann and E-USA (New)

7pm eastern time.

Contact for the Zoom meeting address.

Thursday Evening Zoom Esperanto Meeting (All in Esperanto.  Catching up, jokes, discussion of current events and interesting scientific news).

8:00 pm Eastern Time

Contact Derek Roff at for the Zoom meeting address.

Friday Esperanto Coffee Time (Exercises for Beginners) (New)

We can’t meet at the coffee shop so we have gone on-line.  Join us for exercises in Esperanto, reading out loud and chatting.  Mostly in English – so beginners will feel welcome.

3:00 pm Eastern Time

Contact Chuck Mays at for the Zoom meeting address.

North Carolina – 3rd Sunday of the Month (All are welcome)

Monthly Meeting of the Esperanto Society of the Triangle – Every 3rd Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm eastern time.

To find us: Visit, call Tim Gee at 919 604 4259 or by email at

Meetings in person: – Check to see if meeting is happening


San Diego:  Come meet an Esperantist at the monthly meeting at The LivingRoom Coffeehouse (5900 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, 92215). If you’ve got questions, want to get started in learning Esperanto, or just want to come and work on your Esperanto conversation, stop on by! The event calendar lists the dates and times for upcoming meetings, and for alternate locations for special meeting events. You can also check out our Facebook page for news & info.

Stanford:  Conversational Esperanto, The International Language, is a class, and discussion group, that is open to Stanford students AND the general public. We meet Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the International Center on the Stanford University campus during the academic year (minus the usual holidays and breaks). This class is free if taken for no credit. Stanford students who would like to take the course for 2 credits per quarter may do so by jumping through many administrative hoops (please ask if you are serious). Students taking the class for credit must come to classes (of course) but everyone else is free to drop-in at any time. You can join the class any time during the year, but please contact me, via email ( first, so i can schedule a time for you to experience my “Lesson Zero”!

Austin: The Austin Esperanto group meets the second Satudrday of the month at 2:30-4:30 pm. Check the website for the location.
Dallas:  The Dallas Esperanto group meets the second Saturday of the Month from 5:00 – 7:00 pm Central Market Cafe, 5750 E. Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX 75206.

Washington State (New!)
Seattle: Join to get notices about meetings of The Seattle (Washington) Esperanto Society.

Major Events


Printempa Esperanto-Rentontiĝo (PER) 

Moving Online and Free (due to the coronavirus)

Four hours on Saturday, 25 April 2020. Details coming. 


NASK – Norda Amerika Somera Kursaro de Esperanto (28 June to 4 July, 2020). for details.


MEK (Montrealo Esperanto-Kurseto) Two-day Esperanto course in Montreal. 31 July and 1 August 2020. Get ready for the world Esperanto congress from 1-8 August.  Visit for details and to sign up.  Pass the word!


Universala Kongreso de Esperanto 2020, 1-8 August 2020 in Montreal Canada. for details.


27th Aŭtuna Renkontiĝo de Esperanto.

10-12 Octobro 2020, Silver Bay, New York

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