Saluton from the Radaro Report!  This week in North-American Esperantujo, Esperantists made Youtube videos, memes, discussed words and books, and met together.  Here are some of the creative highlights.

News Articles

Esperanto USA publish another issue of Usona Esperantisto.

Much news was shared to their Facebook and Twwitter accounts.  Also, new membership options are out.  Plesase renew and support Esperannto USA at :

ESF and CED publish another edition of IpI and IfI

The Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF) and the Center for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems (CED) publish the fourth edition in 2019 of Information for Interlinguists (IfI) and Informilo por Interlingvistoj (IpI).

Read (English) IfI

Legu (Esperanto) IpI

Esperanto Film Contest

The deadline for submitting an entry to the film contest is 15 December 2019.  This film contest is sponsored by China Radio International and the Universala Esperanto-Asocio.  The theme is: “My Group, My City” with the goal to spread knowledge about Esperanto groups and culture via a two to ten minute short video.

First prize is EUR 500 towards travel to the World Esperanto Congress in Montreal in August 2020.

Click here for the contest details: :

Meme Magic

While perhaps not a meme, this nature themed post about NASK shared by Lee Miller signifies the dates are solidified.  Plans can be made.  Esperantujo soon unites again to learn.
I made the following meme to express the impossibility of choosing between attending NASK (North American Summer Course) and the Universala Kongreso.

This adorable meme, is about Duncan Charters. It says, “I don’t know everything, but when I say something, people pay attention.”

Steven Lacher shared this pun on Esperantaj Memeoj


The Heart of Esperanto

The heart of Esperanto is the people who desire interconnection with each other.  We create to communicate our hopes, perceptions, and jokes to each other.   We can inspire each other and help each other learn.

Lots of events are coming up.  Radaro seeks reporters. Must love travel, adventure, stories, friends, and Esperanto.  If this is you, and you have photos or stories to share, please write