Happy Thanksgiving from Radaro. There’s a lot of blessings to count in North American Esperantujo this week.  The Duolingo Esperanto Learners group is up to 11,983 members.  James Bridge and Tomaso of The Esperanto Variety Show made new videos.  Esperanto meme magic enchanted more of the internet.  Jen The Radaro Report!

Website of the Week: Esperanto-Sumoo

A humble Esperantist genius decided to create an Esperanto Sumo contest to run concurrently with the Japanese Sumo Contests.  The Esperanto Sumo states that the Japanese tradition of Sumo has six contests a year, one every other month. While Sumo contestants wrestle with each other, Esperanto Sumo proposes that we wrestle weakness within ourselves.  They encourage us to choose a book and a number of pages, and strive to achieve our goal. Visit Esperanto Sumo at:



Meme Magic

Thanks to servitiu for posting this week’s meeme to reddit.

News Articles

Verkoj.com has six new short stories this week, mostly by Julia Sigmond.  Born in 1929, Julia Sigmond is a Hungarian woman who lives in Romania. The six stories are in Esperanto, some seeming to be short fiction, and others, short personal anecdotes.  They are from her newest little book, titled, 90.  To read them, visit http://verkoj.com/ and scroll towards the bottom of the home page.  



Esperanto Variety Show 

Publika Pisado en Eŭropo [Esperanto – Filmeto en Esperanto] https://youtu.be/cv7Rvu9otx0

James Bridge 

Jen surprizo: la kunlaboranto fine ŝajnas kompreni min https://youtu.be/XfcPL-r685E

Pri JuTubo, nova podkasto, kaj eraro en la laborejo https://youtu.be/e894Oig9k0w