Chloe, our wonderful Radaro editor has just moved to Alaska and will take a break from the Radaro report.  We hope to have her back next week.

Website(s) of the Week


Do you ever wonder if you are not quite understanding a new Esperanto word. Maybe from the context it does not make sense to you and you suspect there may be an alternate meaning in English.  A good website to explore this is Tatoeba:  The site give complete sentences using the word you enter.  Give it a try?

Esperanto for UN

Have you heard of the work UEA ( does with the Unesco and the UN?  Find out more from the website If you would like to help, here is where you can find opportunities to voluteer and to help financially. 

Meme Magic

Meme(s) of the week

News Articles

Monato – The Esperanto Monthly Magazine celebrates 40 years

Looking for well written news articles in Esperanto? For fourty years Monato has been the source for news from the world.  Read about Monato at (in Esperanto).

Support Monato by subscribing today!

Testudoj amuzas ludantojn en Esperanto

Looking for an Esperanto game for your phone?  Check out the new game from Chuck Smith.  Read about it at 

Do you have Esperanto materials that need to be preserved?

The Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF) has begun focusing on collecting Esperanto materials.  Do you have books, papers, artifacts, etc., that should be preserved?  Do you know of someone who does?  Read here to find out what ESF is looking for and who they are partnering with. 


My Local Group, My City

(Mia Asocio, Mia Urbo)

Check out these videos by local groups about themselves and their cities. 

Why not make a video too?  

Making a video is a fun way to practise Esperanto and share your part of the world with the Esperanto community. 

For the KEA (Canadian Esperanto Association website we found this video entitled “I’m learning Esperanto (and I don’t care what you think)


Pola Retradio

Looking for excellent Esperanto?  Check out the podcast from Poland Pola retradio 


Did you miss the podcast from 2017?  It is worth listening to again even if you heard it when it was first published in 2017.

Benny’s Top Resources for Learning Esperanto

Have you heard of  “Fluent in Three Months with Benny the Irish Polyglot”

Here are his suggestions for learning Esperanto.