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Esperantist of the Year 2019

Anna Lowenstein recognized as the Esperantist of the Year 2019 for her work on UEA.Facila. Read about it (in Esperanto) at:

Libera Folio

Libera Folio wishes a happy 2020 to its readers. / Libera Folio deziras al siaj legantoj feliĉan 2020.

Thanks to Libera Folio for the fireworks image used on this week’s Radaro Report.


Esperanto is not only a language, it is a culture. / See the section on I am a beginner – Mi estas komencanto.

Recommended reading for beginners:

Esperanto Feed Daily

Find articles you might find interesting at:

Read and Listen to the Daily Audio Blog at Esperanto Internet Radio

Useful and Helpful Websites

Do You Use Tekstaro?

Do you ever want to know if you have used Esperanto correctly?

Tekstaro, allows you to enter a word or phrase to see how others (Including Zamenhof himself) have used the same word or phrase.

Esperanto Grammar Help

Check your Esperanto grammar at


This site is very particular about style and the use of commas.  But, it gives good feedback and is very helpful.


Recent Videos by Alex Miller

NASK 2019 / 2020

Happy Zamenhof Day

From the TEJO Website

Happy Zamenhof Day

Esperanto Variety Show

In case you missed it. From a year ago.  New Duolingo Dictionary.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in Esperanto

James Bridge reads the Wonderful Wizard of Oz out loud.  He is up to 19 Chapters.

Esperanto Lesson from the ILEI YouTube Channel

From the ILEI YouTube Channel –  A Simple Esperanto Lesson entitled: “En la universo estas la planedo Tero…”

ILEI is the International League of Esperanto Instructors.  They publish an excellent publication call IPR (Internacia Pedagogia Revuo – International Pedagogical Review).  Join ILEI to receive IPR.