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Happy New Year 2020

Anna Lowenstein recognized as the Esperantist of the Year 2019 for her work on UEA.Facila. Read about it (in Esperanto) at:

New to Esperanto? Is your 2020 New Year’s resolution to Learn Esperanto?

Check out these videos that will help you improve your command of Esperanto!

How to learn any language in six months

Check out these useful tips on learning a languge from a TED talk. 

View Claude Piron’s Video of “Gerda Malaperis” 


“Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo” is an oldie but good Esperanto video course. 

Here is lesson one! 


Check out these lessons from the American Esperantist for a good review of Esperanto grammar!


There is nothing better than to talk with an experienced Esperanto speaker.

Sign up for Ekparolu! to speak with an “aunt” or “uncle.” You become their “niece” or “nephew” and are treated like one of the family! 



Latest Video From Alex Miller

Alex gives a quick recap about 2019 and encourages you to celebrate how far you’ve come on your language-learning journey. Have you read any good books this year? Made any new friends? Reached a new level on Duolingo? Translated anything? Leave a comment below so we can celebrate our accomplishments together.

International Calendar of Esperanto Events

You may not know just how many Esperanto meetings and Events happen every year!

There is a calendar of events for 2019 with a partial list for 2020.

Why not add your event or meeting to the calendar?