Saluton from Radaro!

Hope you are all doing well and are ready for some new Esperanto content. One particularly cool update is the one from Fingtam Esperanto who continues to maintain his passion for Esperanto after moving away to Thailand. Alex Miller’s new video also offers some brief, amuzing, and well produced content. Another thing worth highlighting is Filipo Dorcas’ ten steps article which can help you register for and attend the upcoming world congress. Lastly, you might find it amusing to see Esperanto getting a bit of media recognition on CBS. There are of course plenty of other things to discover, so feel free to explore!

Website of the Week

Project Gutenberg

Although it is not excusively for Esperanto speakers, there are plenty of free books to find here! Have you ever wanted to read Hans Christian Andersen or Henrik Ibsen in Esperanto? How about Shakespeare? With Project Gutenberg you can find plenty of free e-books in Esperanto (or other languages) to enjoy.

Meme Magic

Thanks to Felix Isaix Chinea for sharing this meme to Facebook: 

News Articles

UEA Facila has an article about a new Esperanto computer game, “7 Literoj”:

Filipo Dorcas, president of Esperanto USA, writes about Ten Important Steps (in Esperanto):

Did you ever wonder how NOREK went? Happily there’s an article to answer that:


Mass Media Mention: Spot on Esperanto on CBS Sunday morning:

Exploring Esperanto 

Alex Miller, creator of Exploring Esperanto, keeps Esperantists entertained this week with a new short bilingual skit: Al Virino / To a Woman – English & Esperanto Short Film:

Fingtam Esperanto

Keep up with Fingtam Esperanto as he shows us that he has remained an enthusiastic Esperanto speaker after relocating to Thailand!

La Taja kamparo



2020-April-24 to 2020-April-26


2020 PER (Printempa Esperanto-Renkontiĝo) is the annual Esperanto gathering of the Southeast Region of Esperanto-USA

2020-June-28 to 2020-July-04

NASK 2020, at William Peace University in North Carolina

2020-July-31 to 2020-August-01

MEK (Montrealo Esperanto-Kurseto) Two-day Esperanto course in Montreal. Get ready for the world Esperanto congress from 1-8 August.  Visit for details and to sign up.  Pass the word!

Online Meet-ups

Online Participants Welcome!

Monthly Meeting of the Esperanto Society of the Triangle
To find us: Visit, call Tim Gee at 919 604 4259 or by email at

Thursday Evening Zoom Esperanto Meeting (All in Esperanto.  Catching up, jokes, discussion of current events and interesting scientific news).

8:30 Eastern Time, 7:30 Central Time, 6:30 Mountain Time and 5:30 Pacific Time.

Contact Derek Roff at for the Zoom meeting address.

Classifieds advertises for new  “Aunts and Uncles” and “Nephews and Nieces” for its Esperanto educational program, Ekparolu.  If you would like to volunteer or learn, please visit:

Esperanto-USA Welcomes new members. First time applicants who have completed a course such as Duolingo or Lernu are eligible for a $5 online membership. For more information, visit: or participate in the Facebook group at

Donate to Esperanto-USA when you purchase through Amazon Smile ( and select ELNA (Esperanto League for North America, E-USA’s formal name) as the charity.

Interested in music in Esperanto?  Check out Vinilkosmo, which is an independent label that produces, publishes, and distributes exclusively bands and artists who sing in Esperanto in all possible musical styles (rock, pop, folk, song, traditional, punk, hardcore, world music, electro, reggae, ska , hip-hop, etc.). The artists are from all over the world.