Saluton from Radaro!

Whether you have been following Radaro for some time or this is your first edition, you will notice that we enjoy shining the spotlight on the accomplishments of Esperantists. This week is no different since we acknowledge the fact that more people than ever can learn Esperanto on duolingo! Additionally, we celebrate the continued efforts of Edukado, ILEI and the success of Alex Miller as a content creator. We hope some of you will look into the art and writing contests linked below and shine in your own unique ways as Esperantists. Of course, please enjoy the memes and humorous videos while you are it!

Website of the Week

This cool online library, “Bitoteko”, hosted by the Spanish Esperanto Association, wins Website of the Week:

Meme Magic

Kio estas “Dank Memes”? Jake instruos vin! (What are “Dank Memes”? Jake will teach you!)

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Publication: La KancerKliniko

If you are lookinig for something that deals with usually serious topics such as politics and culture without taking itself too seriously, take a look at La KancerKliniko. You will find satirical writings and comics that should satisfy your craving for offbeat humor!

Subscriptions available at Esperanto USA:


News Articles

When asking Google if there are other Esperanto speakers in the Anchorage area, it returned this lovely article about the 264th Esperantist, who lived in Fairbanks and could read and write 200 languages:

Published on the Esperanto USA website, in Esperanto, an inspiring update about the Mid-north region club activities:

Edukado requests everyone submit information about Esperanto courses for publication and sharing. Read about it in Esperanto here:

Congratulations to Alex Miller, of Exploring Esperanto, for winning second place in UEA’s film contest!!! (I’m hoping to find the corresponding link again)


Esperanto + Edukado ILEI



Exploring Esperanto 

Alex Miller’s videos are wonderful. If you want to support an Esperanto artist, Alex is a great choice: Get Involved in Esperanto (Welcome to Patreon!)

Fingtam Esperanto

This is actually from his other Channel, Fingtam Languages. It’s a fantastic pitch for learning Esperanto:

TEJO Esperanto 

Did you know that speakers of FIVE languages can now learn Espranto on Duolingo?! Learn which ones: Learning Esperanto with Duolingo – Karina Oliveira


Learn what kind of human puts mayo on a sandwich. Hilarious Esperanto music from traevoli: Kia Homo Aldonus Majonezon?!

Social Media

Discussions about crocheting terminology and memes!


Esperanto-USA Discussion group:

Duolingo Esperanto Learners has some great new Esperanto Infographics, one featured in our Meme Magic section:


UEA is hosting an art contest! Revuo Esperanto describes it in Esperanto:

Monato is running a contest. If you like to write in Esperanto and like prizes, check out the contest rules (in Esperanto):

An International Literature Contest listed at Verkoj:

Groups with Online Participation

North Carolina: 

Monthly Meeting of the Esperanto Society of the Triangle

To find us: Visit, call Tim Gee at 919 604 4259 or by email at

Thursday Evening Zoom Esperanto Meeting (All in Esperanto. Catching up, jokes, discussion of current events and interesting scientific news).

8:30 Eastern Time, 7:30 Central Time, 6:30 Mountain Time and 5:30 Pacific Time.

Contact Derek Roff at derek(at) for the Zoom meeting address.


2020-April-24 to 2020-April-26


2020 PER (Printempa Esperanto-Renkontiĝo) is the annual Esperanto gathering of the Southeast Region of Esperanto-USA

2020-June-28 to 2020-July-04

NASK 2020, at William Peace University in North Carolina

2020-July-31 to 2020-August-01

MEK (Montrealo Esperanto-Kurseto) Two-day Esperanto course in Montreal. Get ready for the world Esperanto congress from 1-8 August. Visit for details and to sign up. Pass the word!

2020-August-01 to 2020-August-08

UK (Universala Kongreso) is the largest, most international, and oldest Esperanto event. This year it’s happening in Montreal. For more information, please visit:


Interested in music in Esperanto? Check out Vinilkosmo, which is an independent label that produces, publishes, and distributes exclusively bands and artists who sing in Esperanto in all possible musical styles (rock, pop, folk, song, traditional, punk, hardcore, world music, electro, reggae, ska, hip-hop, etc.). The artists are from all over the world.

Donate to Esperanto-USA when you purchase through Amazon Smile ( and select ELNA (Esperanto League for North America, E-USA’s formal name) as the charity.

Esperanto-USA Welcomes new members. First time applicants who have completed a course such as Duolingo or Lernu are eligible for a $5 online membership. For more information, visit: or participate in the Facebook group at advertises for new  “Aunts and Uncles” and “Nephews and Nieces” for its Esperanto educational program, Ekparolu.  If you would like to volunteer or learn, please visit: