Saluton from Radaro! We hope you are staying healthy and enjoying all the new opportunities in Esperantujo. As people are staying home to help slow the spread of Coronavirus, a lot of Esperantists are turning to the internet. There are several new online chats listed on Radaro’s home page. Many people are reporting connecting with their neighbors and finding new avenues of cooperation. Radaro is finding the bright side, so read on.

Website of the Week

Website of the week is

It’s a great way to see what events are happening (or until the Corona virus cools down, cancelled) around the world. A wonderful thing is there’s lots of new online meet-ups. 


Meme Magic

Thanks to the CDC and whoever translated it to Esperanto for this week’s meme:

Publication: La Jaro

Add some organization to your life as Esperantists! It can be tough to keep track of the multitude of events happening in Esperantujo, so La Jaro is here to help. La Jaro is a two-year calendar with dates marking “…national and international days of importance” according to Esperanto USA. You can use it as regular calendar if you like, but it’s nice to have something more Esperanto-centric as well.

Please support Esperanto USA by subscribing:,oUWbvo7enFnU,42

News Articles

Monato provides a free edition for those remaining at home.

Ĉar tre multaj homoj en la mondo nun devas resti hejme pro la kronviruso, Monato regalas ilin per senpagaj ekzempleroj. En vi povas trovi la tri plej freŝajn numerojn en la formoj PDF (por grandaj ekranoj) kaj en la dosierformoj ePub kaj Mobipocket (por poŝtelefonoj kaj librolegiloj).

Ankaŭ plej granda parto de la malnovaj numeroj ekde 1980 estas legeblaj je

Agrablan legadon!

Edukado has a new article about online resources available for studying from home (in Esperanto):


Libera Folio has an Esperanto article talking about new courses for quarantined Esperantists (in Esperanto):

Some free books on account of the epidemic:


Exploring Esperanto 

Koncerto / Concert – English & Esperanto Short Film

A Patreon Update for Exploring Esperanto

Send Me Your Scripts in Esperanto!


“Whiskey in the Jar” on frankenhorns * “Viskio en la Bokalo” per komediaj instrumentoj.


Thank you Kern for your new podcast on Epidemics:


News about events is now on Radaro’s Front Page!  Go to the home page, and click the events button or scroll down to see! 

PER is now online and free!  It will be a 4 hour Zoom hangout on April 25th.



Closes 2020-April-20: The Swiss Esperanto Society is hosting a short film contest, Unity in Diversity. Article in Esperanto:ĝenerale/filmkonkurso-unueco-en-diverseco/

Annual?: Monato is running a contest. If you like to write in Esperanto and like prizes, check out the contest rules (in Esperanto):


An International Literature Contest listed at Verkoj:


Donate to Esperanto-USA when you purchase through Amazon Smile ( and select ELNA (Esperanto League for North America, E-USA’s formal name) as the charity.

Esperanto-USA Welcomes new members. First time applicants who have completed a course such as Duolingo or Lernu are eligible for a $5 online membership. For more information, visit: or participate in the Facebook group at advertises for new  “Aunts and Uncles” and “Nephews and Nieces” for its Esperanto educational program, Ekparolu. If you would like to volunteer or learn, please visit:

Edukado requests everyone submit information about Esperanto courses for publication and sharing.  Read about it in Esperanto here:


Interested in music in Esperanto?  Check out Vinilkosmo, which is an independent label that produces, publishes, and distributes exclusively bands and artists who sing in Esperanto in all possible musical styles (rock, pop, folk, song, traditional, punk, hardcore, world music, electro, reggae, ska , hip-hop, etc.). The artists are from all over the world.