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Hopefully everyone is staying safe and making the best of their time at home. Do not fear, Esperantujo adapts! As you’ll see this week, some events and meetings are being moved to the virtual realm and some Esperantists have been interviewed about their experiences during the era of Covid-19. Radaro’s very own Chloe also shares some neat ideas about dealing with the predicament we find ourselves in. With that said, we hope you have a chill week and never stop improving your Esperanto!

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News Articles

Nia Komunuma Venka Ĝardeno (Our community victory garden)
by Chloe Everhart

Esperantists all over the world are quarantined, staying home. In these strange times, no one is sure if fear, boredom, pandemic, or economic collapse is the biggest problem. Esperantists are solutions-makers, though, and are already busy growing a better world. Two new online chats are happening. Attendence at the existing chats is up.

I’d like to propose a project for Esperantujo, an old solution reapplied to our world: Let’s grow a victory garden (venka ĝardeno)! Victory gardens were popular during both the first and second world wars, and helped in many ways.

Victory gardens boost morale, and have many practical strategic advantages.  Through working together, communities are strengthened. Charles Eisenstein says, “To have authentic community, we have to really need each other.” In these uncertain times, when the barges are stopped and the food trucks aren’t coming, we need each other, and each of us needs to strive to fill the aspirations of the language we speak, and be, “One who hopes.” Growing a garden is a hopeful activity. It implies faith that we will be provided for, that the terrain the garden occupies will be fruitful, and that there will be enough to share.

Growing a garden also has practical advantages. Pictured below is a “Venka Ĝardeno” in a windowsill in Alaska. Just several weeks after its start, it’s already providing fresh herbs. We can relieve stress on the food supply chain, and be more interdependent in meeting our needs if we start gardens now.

For your health, for hope, for family, for Esperanto, for life, please plant some seeds. Ni venku, Esperantistoj!

victory garden in alaska

venka ĝardeno en Alasko

Simplicity and Clarity

by Chloe Everhart

My journey into Esperanto began by using it to recover from cognitive damage from a head injury, I love the simplicity of fundamental words. I like to express myself simply and descriptively in Esperanto, trying to follow the advice of the Tao de Ching, using few words to transmit a picture. To me, meaning is more important than aesthetic.

Kronviruso shares the same meaning as the English Corona Virus: Crown virus. We have to keep the words attached to their roots. Like with plants, if you take Esperanto words away from their roots, the language will die. If we keep the meaning in Esperanto, Esperanto will always have meaning.

Thanks to Claude Piron! From his wonderful book La bona lingvo, used under fair use act.

From Edukado:
Their yearly finance report

Additionally, here is an article about their four very interesting interviews, with esperantists, about the Corona Virus:

Thank you Humphrey Tonkin for this glossary of Coronavirus terms in Esperanto.

Also, thank you Humphrey Tonkin for forwarding information about this online course!

Anstataŭ PRINTEMPAS 2020 en kastelo Greziljono, okazos PRK en via  hejma kastelo:

PRK, ‘Printempa Reta Kursaro’, okazos de la 17a ĝis la 19a de Aprilo.

Restu hejme, sed lernu intense per retaj komunikiloj en virtuala Esperanto-kastelo!  Dum PRK vi lernos multe sed vi ankaŭ multe praktikos kun homoj el diversaj landoj. La instruado alternigos diversajn formojn de lernado kaj ekzercado, kaj diversajn eblojn de distanca komunikado.  PRK proponos ankaŭ vesperan programon (prelegoj, ludoj, oncertoj, ktp). 

‘Printempa Reta Kursaro’ estas malfermita al ĉiuj, kun kvar niveloj de komencanto ĝis C1. Por informoj pri kondiĉoj, aliĝado, pagado, klaku sur la ligilon:
Ne atendu, la lokoj estas limigitaj je 8 partoprenantoj en ĉiu grupo!

Ni esperas ke tiu nova sperto logas vin por travivi tiun strangan situacion de enfermiĝo. Kore 

Publication: Medicina Internacia Revuo

Judging by the fact that Medicina Internacia Revuo exists, I’m sure there are plenty of doctors and aspiring doctors who are also komencantoj. However, even if you don’t work in the medical field, you might be curious enough to keep up with the latest developments. This is a multilingual (including Esperanto, of course) and peer-reviewed publication, that showcases the efforts of medical professionals from around the world. Therefore, you can rest assured that the info is rock-solid and reliable! Come take a look:



Video from Libera Folio about Corona virus experiences:’s Katalin Kovats interviews Esperantists about their experiences with the Corona Virus. In Esperanto:ĉi+

Exploring Esperanto 

Helpu Min, Spertuloj!

Kafejo – An English & Esperanto Adventure

Feliĉan Kravato-Sabaton en Esperanto!

Catie Kejti

Vendredo estas KravatoTago! (Kiel nodi kravaton) // Friday is Tie Day! (How to tie ties) #Esperanto

Harplektaĵoj! // Braids! #Esperanto


Kroĉeti en Esperanto: Duon-triobla maŝo (dekstramane)

Kroĉeti en Esperanto: Duon-triobla maŝo (maldekstramane)

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