Saluton from Radaro!

We hope everyone has enjoyed the silver lining of having fresher air in recent times. Although there are plenty of new uploads this week, one that truly stands out is the website of the week. Seriously, you can read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Jack Vance novels, UNESCO’s Courier, and a multitude of other publications for free! Major props to the person who compiled it and to Chloe for posting it on Radaro. Other than that, we hope you enjoy the new videos and the Victory Garden updates. Ĝis!

Website of the Week

Radaro honors as Website of the Week. It’s a website composed of tons of beautiful PDFs of Esperanto books, as well as lots of links to other sources for free Esperanto books. Thank you to the creator of Literaturo, who so humbly serves the Esperanto community that he didn’t even put his name on the site!

Meme Magic

Thanks to r/stargro and r/arbormedi for this week’s memes!

News Articles

Thanks, Libera Folio, for this lovely article on Esperanto Sumoo, an Esperanto reading contest where you compete with yourself (EO):

Also, keep reading to learn about the next Esperanto Sumo contest, listed in the contest section of Radaro’s classifieds.

Verkoj has several new works. Here’s a lovely one on Proverbs from myths and fables, collected from many countries (EO):

Venkaj Ĝardenoj Kontraŭ Kronviruso

Section by Chloe Everhart

Aliĝu al la grupo Esperantaj Ĝardenistoj se vi volas babili pri ĝardenado.

Report from Alaska:  Our Venka Ĝardeno (victory garden) continues to grow. Cucumbers strangely flowered when they only had three leaves. During one of the weekly Esperanto chats, I learned the Esperanto word for cilantro is koriandro.

La nomo de tiu ĉi planto estas “koriandro”

Don’t forget to check our page below the blog for current listings of online Esperanto chats! Talk about your garden or your other favorite things in Esperanto with friendly Esperantists!

I’m not sure whether this is a beautiful garden, a victory garden, or a beautiful victory garden, but these lovely hibiscus (hisbiskoj) gave me so much joy that I had to share them with you. Venku la kronviruson! (Defeat the Corona Virus!)

Jen la floroj de Neil Blonstein.


Catie Kejti

Mia dombesto, Krabĉjo // My pet, Crabby #Esperanto

Celebrate #TieDayFriday with me! // Festu #KravatoSabato kun mi! #Esperanto

Bonvenon al la kanalo! // Welcome to the channel! #Esperanto

Exploring Esperanto 

My answer to the title of this video: Never, but this is good vocabulary to have. Getting Bored with Esperanto?

Fingtam Esperanto

NASK estas nuligita (persone, sed ne necese interrete)


[#006] La vulpo sur la ŝultro

Julio Toro

La kanalo de Julio enhavas bonan kurson pri Esperanto por iuj, kiuj parolas la hispana kaj por homoj, kiuj parolas la Esperanton kaj volas lerni la hispanan..  Vi ĝuos ĝin, se vi provas lerni kaj la hispanan kaj Esperanton.

Julio’s channel features a very nice series of Esperanto lessons for Spanish speakers, and a series for Esperanto Speakers learning Spanish. If you’re trying to learn both Spanish and Esperanto or habla Espanol, you will love his videos.

Kurso de hispana lingvo / Klaso #1 Alfabeto –

Katalin Kovats

Kronvirusa intervjuo kun Mónika Molnár


Estas multaj novaj filmetoj pri Hector Hodler ĉe la kanalo UEAvivas. Bonvolu alklaki la titolon por vidi ilin.
(There are many new films about Hector Hodler on the channel UEAvivas. Please click the title to see them.)



Closes 2020-April-20: The Swiss Esperanto Society is hosting a short film contest, Unity in Diversity. Article in Esperanto:ĝenerale/filmkonkurso-unueco-en-diverseco/

2020-May 10-24 Esperanto Sumoo! Gain fluency in Esperanto and attain a higher level by participating in the bimonthly Esperanto Sumo contest. Learn more here (EO):

Annual?: Monato is running a contest. If you like to write in Esperanto and like prizes, check out the contest rules (in Esperanto):

2020-September-30 An International Literature Contest listed at Verkoj:


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