Saluton from Radaro!

Hear ye. there are interesting developments in Esperantujo! Thankfully the organizers of the events listed below have adapted to current circumstances and will be switching to virtual platforms which we highly encourage all of you to check out. It’s good to know that the enthusiasm remains strong and as always, komencantoj are welcome! With a bit of perseverance, many will emerge from quarantine with the awesome skill of knowing Esperanto (and not blowing tea out of a pot as shown in the meme below).

Website of the Week

Website of the Week: Although the good Doctor Zamenhof made Esperanto to be phonetically straightforward, we all sometimes have a bit of trouble with spelling. Don’t feel bad for needing a little boost, here’s the ultra-useful Lingvohelpilo:

It’s the best Esperanto spelling and grammar checker on the internet.

Meme Magic

Thanks to Felikso Gomez and Vlasta Celá‎ for this week’s memes.


Update on NASK from Lee Miller: 

“We are planning to offer an on-line alternative program, with the same teachers who would have been in Raleigh: Duncan Charters for the Advanced Class, Thomas Alexander for the Intermediate Class, and Hans Becklin for the Post-Beginner Class.

Lots of details remain to be worked out, but the format will likely be 1.5 hours a day of class via Zoom, for ten days. The cost for enrollment will be $75.00, and registration will be open to anyone, not just those who had registered for the course in Raleigh. We will probably plan on the original NASK dates, June 28-July 3, and the following week, July 6-10. That’s not definite, so don’t mark you calendar quite yet…

…We’ll be informing people about more details as soon as we know them.”

Update on the Landa Kongreso:

Currently, Esperanto-USA volunteers are working together to plan an online Landa KongresoMore details coming soon. If you would like to volunteer on the LK Planning Committee (most planning and meetings in English to speed work and include komencantoj), please write Paige at paigedmiles(at) or Charlotte at liquidfireangel(at)

An update on the Opening Day (Malferma Tago) of UEA (April 25), the ILEI convention, and the Universala Kongreso, which is now online and free to attend. (EO):

About the financial impact on UEA of delaying the physical Universala Kongreso (EO):

Here’s the English website of the international youth conference:

Venkaj Ĝardenoj Kontraŭ Kronviruso

Vermont: I asked Tony Harris for pictures of his Venka Ĝardeno. Tony shares a photographic tour.

Pri tiuj ĉi, Tony skribis, “La plantoj en nia hejma oficejo:”

“La plantoj en la fenestro de la lavejo:”

And finally, about this beautiful garden, “Kaj la plantoj en nia subetaĝo (kie estas brilaj lumtuboj):”

A video in Esperanto about gardening!

KUNE NI VERDIGOS LA MONDON! // 2020 Kongreso #8


Jen esperanta muziko pro 420:

Catie Kejti

Kial Kravatojn? // Why Ties? #Esperanto



Esperanto + Edukado ILEI


ILEI raportas pri trimonata agado; 15-an de aprilo 2020

Fingtam Esperanto

Kial mi devas dormi en tendo?

Katalin Kovats

Kronvirusa intervjuo kun Arko


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Closes 2020-April-20: The Swiss Esperanto Society is hosting a short film contest, Unity in Diversity. Article in Esperanto:ĝenerale/filmkonkurso-unueco-en-diverseco/

2020-May 10-24 Esperanto Sumoo! Gain fluency in Esperanto and attain a higher level by participating in the bimonthly Esperanto Sumo contest. Learn more here (EO):

Annual?: Monato is running a contest. If you like to write in Esperanto and like prizes, check out the contest rules (in Esperanto):

2020-September-30 An International Literature Contest listed at Verkoj:


Donate to Esperanto-USA when you purchase through Amazon Smile ( and select ELNA (Esperanto League for North America, E-USA’s formal name) as the charity.

Esperanto-USA Welcomes new members. First time applicants who have completed a course such as Duolingo or Lernu are eligible for a $5 online membership. For more information, visit: or participate in the Facebook group at advertises for new  “Aunts and Uncles” and “Nephews and Nieces” for its Esperanto educational program, Ekparolu. If you would like to volunteer or learn, please visit:

Edukado requests everyone submit information about Esperanto courses for publication and sharing. Read about it in Esperanto here: