Saluton from Radaro!

We hope all of you readers have had a marvelous weekend and are ready for some more content and news. Definitely be sure to check out the registration form for the Landa Kongreso presentations since it could be worthwhile to introduce other Esperantists to something unique and novel about you! Of course, we also hope that the other posts will keep you engaged in Esperantujo and aware of the community. Stay rad, everyone!

Website of the Week

ILERA (Internacia Ligo de Esperantistoj RadioAmatoroj) – International League of Esperantists-RadioAmateurs has a great website to share information about their activities. They have contests, bulletins, meet-ups, and other things of interest to the amateur radio enthusiast. Check it out:

Thank you Corin for English language links to study for a radio license if you want to get into the hobby:

Study guide:

Meme Magic

Dankon al Derek Roff pro la memeo pri korektemuloj kaj Jay Young Jr pro la memeo pri tranĉiloj, kaj Evanilde Rossi Sandrão pro la adorabla memeo kun la katido. (Thanks to Derek Roff for the meme about Language nazis, Jay Young Jr for the meme about knives, and Evanilde Rossi Sandrao for the kitten meme.)

Donato’s Diamonds

Book recommendation for beginners and anyone wanting to improve reading fluency.

Diving into a language is sometimes intimidating and frustrating, even after spending a lot of time with a platform like Duolingo. You confidently walk away from a beginner’s course knowing the simple rules of Esperanto, but the minute you try to read actual literature you find yourself hitting a brick wall. The solution to this is graded extensive reading that will allow you assimilate the language naturally so that you don’t rely on mental translation and simply understand the language as it is.

The link I’ve posted will take you to a book entitled Privilegia Vojo al Lingvoscio: Esperanto. What is really neat about this book is that it is entirely in Esperanto, yes, even the grammatical explanations! New vocab is found in the margins of the pages along with illustrations that will help you gain an intuitive feel for the language. Don’t worry too much about difficulty either because the book starts out with very easy sentences and gradually builds in complexity so that you are always keeping up. Take a look and see if it’s for you!


Update on NASK: Registration starts on 18 May 2020. (Jun 29-Jul 3 and 6 to 10 May.  Ten classes of 1.5 hours each from 7:30 to 9:00 pm Eastern US time): 

Update on the Landa Kongreso (July 12-18)

Some interesting presenters are preparing presentations. If you have a subject you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, and want to share it with Esperantujo, please fill out the following form:

Filipo Dorcas, president of Esperanto-USA, wrote this beautiful letter to Doctor Zamenhof, the creator of Esperanto

Libera Folio shares sad news about Esperantists suffering from a flood in the Eastern Congo (EO):

May’s Esperanto Sumoo Contest started yesterday! Join before it’s too late!

2020-May-10 to 24 Esperanto Sumoo! Learn more here:

Creations of Esperantujo

Flingtam Esperanto made a video about Monopoly Deal, his favorite game (EO): Mia plej ŝatata ludo | Monopoly Deal

Did you know there’s an international sign language?

Gestuno: la Esperanto de Signolingvoj? | Keep It Simple Esperanto

Exploring Esperanto

What a fun film made by Alekso Miller!

Kiam For / When I’m Gone – English & Esperanto Short Film

Catie Kejti

Made a cake, and a film about it!  

Ni trafis 250 abonantojn! (Ni baku!) // We hit 250 subscribers! (Let’s bake!) #Esperanto

Mireille Grosjean shares her stories about translation and the UN. 

2020 Spertoj pri tradukado kaj interpretado. Malferma Tago CO UEA. Muntis Emilio Cid.

#VenkajĜardenoj #ManĝaArbaro  (#VictoryGardens #FoodForest)


Ni plantis novajn arbojn apud la arbaron. Ankaŭ ni alaskanoj salutas la unuajn florojn de printempo. Ĉu vi scias ke oni povas manĝi leontodojn? Ili estas mia plej ŝatata floro. Mi amegas leontodojn, ĉar ili estas donemaj. Ili donas iliajn foliojn por manĝaĵo por homoj kaj bestoj. Homoj povas fari teon el la radikoj kaj vinon el la floroj. Aldone, oni diras al infanoj en usono, ke se ili blovas ĉiujn semojn el la leontodoj nutrante deziron en ilia koro, la deziro plenumiĝos. Mi ne certas pri tio, sed la flava koloro estas bela post la maro de neĝo.

We planted new trees beside the forest. We greeted the first spring flowers. Did you know you can eat dandelions? They’re my favorite flower. I love them because they’re so generous. They give their leaves as food, their roots for tea, and one can make a wine from their flowers. One also says to children in the United States, that if they make a wish and blow all the seeds from the head of a dandelion, it will come true. I’m not sure about that, but their yellow color looks beautiful after the sea of snow.

dandelion flower

Ili neniam ekstermos la leontodojn de Esperantujo!


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