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Even though Radaro is generally centered on Esperanto in the US, it is good to keep in mind that Esperantists in this country are only one part of the entire community. In this week’s news, Filipo Dorcas invites us to think about, discuss, and participate in ways in which Esperantists can make local changes that add up to having wider reaching effects. As users of the most widely spoken constructed language, we Esperantists have a truly unique diposition to initiate positive change in the world that few other communities possess. After all, we chose to take up a language that was created to foster peace and communication, and that is an excellent starting point.

Be well, everyone!

Website of the Week

UN Esperante

Here is a blog website that follows UN and UEA events. Although it is not an official UN blog, it is still cool to follow international developments by means of Esperanto.

Jen la ligilo:

Meme Magic

Dankon al Néstor Kalusky‎ pro la ĉefa bildo kaj Evanilde Rossi Sandrão, Rafael Despradel Hernández kaj Mecenas Sampaio‎ pro la maĝiaj memeoj.

cat pic wising you a happy monday
meme about korektemulo and the accusative
meme teacher saŭs sam seks um ulo and student says gajo.  Teacher chaes with stick.

Donato’s Diamonds

Getting Medieval with Esperanto

If any of you have an interest in fantasy, the history of languages, world building, or conlanging in general then I recommend taking a look at this curiosity of a language: Arcaicam Esperantom.

It is essentially a hypothetical earlier stage of Esperanto’s development assuming it was a natural language, and yes, it is totally learnable! The link will take you to a book that is both a description and grammar of the language. If you want an extra challenge once you become experienced enough in regular Esperanto it could be a fun linguistic exercise to dabble in the “medieval” version.



NASK registration is OPEN!!!

says: 15 life on liand icon of tree birds and land

#15 of the 17 sustainability goals

What do you want to talk about at the virtual Landa Kongreso July 12-18?

What do you think that groups of Esperanto speakers should be involved in for a better world?

What do you want to support in your local Esperanto club? What is your club already doing?

Consider the seventeen sustainable development goals.

What is your vision for people working together for a better world? How can communication across the barriers of language, country, and culture assist in this important work?

If there is something that you feel passionate about, then let’s talk. And as Esperanto speakers we will do more than talk.

Stay tuned to Radaro for new developments in the Esperanto movement!

Amike / Sincerely, filipo (Phil Dorcas), president, Esperanto USA

Pictured below: #15 of the 17 sustainability goals.

Update on the Landa Kongreso (July 12-18)

Some interesting presenters are preparing presentations. If you have a subject you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, and want to share it with Esperantujo, please fill out the following form:

#VenkajĜardenoj #ManĝeblaArbaro

#Alasko #EsperantajVenkajĜardenoj #ManĝeblajArbaroj

La Alaska Venka Ĝardeno kreskas bone.

chives ŝenoprazoj

Ŝenoprazo kreskas en poto. Mi tondis ilin per tondiloj kaj metis ilin sur ĉion pro ilia bongusteco. / Chives growing in a pot. I cut them with scissors and put them on everything because they’re so delicious.

multaj specoj de plantoj en potoj.  May species of plants in pots.

Finfine, niaj aromherboj translogiĝis en pli grandaj potoj ekster la domo. / Finally we got the plants in bigger pots outside the house!

framboj / raspberries

Iu donis al ni multajn frambajn plantojn. Ĉar ni ne jam havis tempon por fosi truon, mi metis ilin en potoj kun sojlo, kaj donas al ili akvo. Ili vivis, kaj baldaŭ atingos ilian finan hejmon. / Someone gave us a ton of raspberries. I put them in pots and gave them water so they’ll live. Soon we’ll plant them.


#SudaFlorido #VenkajĜardenoj #MangeblaArbaro

Report from Neil Blondstein, heroic documenter of Gardening activities in Southern Florida:

Jen Neil

Jen Neil Blonstein

Centra Lageto: Sud-florido Ĝar

denista Klubo, Lago, Fontano, enretigo: 17a de Majo 2020…pri oktobro 2018. South Florida Gardening Club Lake and Fountain. 2018…On-line May 2020.

ango-hibisko salato? Mi provis!

“ango-hibisko salato? Mi provis!” -Neil

Creations of Esperantujo


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