Saluton from Radaro! Ni komencu kun alia pensema skribado el filipo DORCAS. We begin with another thoughtful contribution from Filipo Dorcas:

Wear a Mask

What do we do as Esperanto speakers to make this world a better place? 

It is easy for me to fall into the trap of thinking that I need to do something different or new just because I’m an Esperanto speaker.   Certainly there are things we are in position to do uniquely as Esperanto speakers.  But sometimes what we need to do is more obvious, more in line with what society needs to do, more “normal.” 

In my hometown Fort Worth there are now record cases of COVID-19 being reported.  We are experiencing new peaks in the pandemic.   It can be argued that these data are caused by increased testing.   However, there is still truth in what we see and experience, that we are still in a health crisis. 

I still wear a mask when I leave the house to buy groceries or have the car repaired.  I want to do my part whether it means doing something unique as an Esperanto speaker or just doing what citizens should be doing. 

This is not a political statement.  It is a health statement.

I still wear a mask.

Phil “filipo” Dorcas, president, Esperanto USA

Website of the Week: Wikinews in Esperanto

Internationally minded people like Esperantists are always in the loop! For any komencantoj wanting outlets for Esperanto use, we encourage you to keep up with the latest global developments at Vikinovaĵoj.

Meme Magic

Thanks to Johannes Genberg for both the meme of the week and the featured image.

cerbo diras: ĉu vi dormos nun. knabino: Jes, do silentu, cerbo. cerbo: Nepre ne pensu pri kiam vi estis tre hontanta. knabino restas veka


Canidates for Esperanto-USA’s board of directors made short videos so you can get to know them better. Check these out:

Kanidatoj por la Esperanto-USA estraro faris filmetojn, por ke vi povas koni ilin.  Rigardu:

“Karaktero estas la sola sekura fundamento de la ŝtato.”

“Character is the only secure foundation of the state.”

–                      John Calvin Coolidge

The Usona Landa Kongreso 2020 starts July 12! This year it’s both free and priceless. To sign up, visit:

#VenkajĜardenoj #ManĝeblaArbaro

Voĉlegita artikolo: Mikskultivoj donas pli da rendimento ĉe Retradio

A read-along article about mixed-cultivation being more productive. For your own word choices when speaking and writing, consider using “fruktodona” or “fruktoporta” instead of “rendimento” if you want a word that’s in Zamenhof’s Fundamento, and not one that has never officially been added by the Akademio de Esperanto. (Chloe is obsessed with Zamenhof’s Fundamento.)

“Scio parolas, sed saĝo aŭskultas.”

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”

–                      Jimi Hendrix

Are you prepared for your well to work if there’s an interruption in energy infrastructure? Here’s some great renewable and independent energy information from  the Kern Podcast:

Sendependa energio venkos kiel venkaj ĝardenoj!!!

Here’s a Vikipedio article on wells (the hole you get water from, not the Esperanto dictionary writer):

Creations of Esperantujo

Multaj geesperantistoj faris #30DRYC. Por vidi tiujn filmetojn, iru al Jutubo kaj serĉi “#30DRYC.”

“La unuaj amleteroj estas skribitaj per la okuloj.”

“The first love letters are written with the eyes.”

–                      Franca proverb

Chuck Smith gives an overview of his handheld game console collection which is pretty neat for any Esperanto speaking gamers and modding enthusiasts. Props to Chuck since he is the only one to showcase something like this through Esperanto (At least to my knowledge).