Saluton from Radaro!

Lernu per Signifa Laboro

Komencas NASK, kaj tiam estos la landa kongreso.  Mi estas lernanto en NASK, kaj mi estos partoprenanto en la Landa Kongreso.  Mi aktuale faras iomete da voluntalan laboron, kiu mi tre ĝojas.  Pro tio, mia nivelo en Esperanto kreskas.  Mi invitas al vi, libere faru laboron vi amas. Se ni helpu, ni ĉiuj kresku forte kune.

Pro tio, mi faru semajne-ĉi ne multe alian laboron krom tia lernado, kaj la laboron mi jam diris mi faru por LK.  Mi esperas, ke ni baldaŭ kune faru multajn interesajn projektojn.

Trovu kaj ĝuu signifan laboron, kara esperantujo.  Jen mallonga Radaro.  Ĝis la venontan sejmajnon, karaj legantoj!

NASK is beginning, and then will be the landa kongreso.  I’m a student in NASK, and a participant in the Landa Kongreso.  I’m currently doing a little volunteer work, which I really enjoy.  On account of that, my level in Esperanto grows.  I invite you to freely do work you love.  If we help, each of us grows stronger together.

For that, this week I’m not doing much other work apart from that learning, and the work I already said I would do for the LK.  I hope that soon we’ll do lots of interesting projects together.

Find and enjoy meaningful work, dear Esperantujo.  Here’s a short Radaro.  Until next week, dear readers!

Website of the Week

Nothing helps up-your-language-game like an immersion experience.  Robin, creator of, our Website of the Week, kindly helps us do that.  From Telegramo, you can get links to download the Telegram messaging app, and download a language pack to change the Telegram interface into Esperanto!  He also maintains a list of Esperanto Telegram groups organized by type and interest.  If you want to listen to a podcast in Esperanto about Telegramo, click:

Meme Magic

Thanks to Tuviah Rosenburg for this week’s meme magic! / Dankon al Tuviah Rosenburg pro la memea maĝio.

"ulo, ĉesu sidi ĉe komputilo kaj iru ekstere"

Reading Recommendation

Hari Potter Kaj la Ŝtono de la Saĝuloj

Yeah I know that reading Harry Potter is basically a meme in the language learing community at this point, but hey, it’s in Esperanto so why not? This version appears to have been translated as a hobby for educational purposes and thus does not exist in an official physical format, so go ahead, use it privately, and improve your Esperanto with it. 

While Harry Potter is not the highest or most classic of literature, it is a well-known story. This fact alone can really help you stick with a text even if you don’t know every word which will allow you to imrove your reading fluency and vocabulary. Instead of getting frustrated with a new text you feel is above your reading level, trying this may help to boost your confidence and cross the bridge into reading full-blown novels.

Props to u/Afrikcivitano on Reddit for shining a spotlight on this polished and well-formatted version of the text to maximize enjoyment!

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