Saluton from Radaro!

Welcome. As many of you know, it is a special week due to the Landa Kongreso. This is an awesome opportunity for anyone aching for some real-time Esperanto practice and we hope you will participate! However, in case you can’t or don’t feel ready, we hope our compiled weekly content will help you improve and inspire you to carry on so that one day you reach fluency.

Have a spectacular week, Ĝis!

Meme Magic

Donato’s Diamonds

Evertype Publications

Evertype is responsible for publishing physical editions of books such as La Hobito and La Aventuroj de Alico en Mirlando. If you have not yet heard of Evertype, it’s worth it to keep this publisher on your radar for any future Esperanto translations of books. Plus, the catalog includes translations into other less commonly used languages, including constructed ones! The link will take you to the Esperanto section, but you can easily browse other languages if you are interested.

Esperanta Retradio

Just want to let y’all know that this is an excellent resource to practice listening and reading in Esperanto! Here you can listen to articles read to you with clear pronunciation with the text right in front of you. Topics vary widely, so take your pick and excel to higher levels!


Come take a look at this pro-feminism and social justice blog in Esperanto. The historical aim of our language has been linguistic equality, and it appears that some Esperantists also want to take that egalitarian spirit to the next level at Egalecen. Be sure to check out the podcast section in addition to the blog.


Be sure to join the Landa Kongreso.  Please join us!  There’s still a few days left and the best way to learn is applied practice:

Humphrey Tonkin sends a survey, in Esperanto, from the United Nations, and hopes we complete it: