My name is Quintyn Bobb and I’m the newest member to the Radaro team! I’m a language enthusiast who has been studying Latin since high school, and stumbled across Esperanto during my Junior year. Now a Junior in college, I’m still extremely enthusiastic (and obsessed) with both languages –although I’ll let you guess which one I’m more proficient in! One area where Esperanto falls short in regard to other languages, is a lack of content — or so I thought. After visiting Radaro, it has greatly expanded my understanding of the resources out there for Esperanto learning and connection with other members of Esperantujo. Of course, I wanted to join the team and contribute!

I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Radaro, one of the best resources for accessing the Esperanto community, and if you’re aware of any resources out there that should be on this website, don’t hesitate to reach out!

We wish you all a very happy week!

Website of the Week


 The Notinghama Esperanto-Klubo features a regularly updated blog and meeting schedule. From their website: 

The Nottingham Esperanto Club (NEKo) is a group of Esperanto enthusiasts based in the general Nottingham area. We typically meet up once a month to hang out over coffee and practise our Esperanto. However during the ongoing corona virus crisis, our get-togethers have moved online, with events every two weeks. We welcome members of all speaking levels, and will always do our best to help one another.” 

This is a great resource to take advantage of!

Link not working? Click HERE !

Meme Magic

Kio larmigos Esperantiston?

Donato’s Diamonds

Have you gone through some basic Esperanto material and need something on grade level?

Take a look at Fajron Sentas Mi Interne by Ulrich Matthias. It is a relatively short novel about being young and feeling socially disconnected. I haven’t come across other novels in Esperanto dealing with a topic quite like this, so I thought I’d give it a mention in case someone wants to look into it. The linked website has a couple of options for reading the book, so choose the one that suits you best!



“Esperanto: The Living, Changing, Conlang Community” is a well-written article (in English) by Gian Pablo Antonetti which discusses the history, present state, and future of the Esperanto community. He interviews Stela Besenyei-Merger, who features in one of our highlighted videos this week as a native Esperanto speaker.

Read the article by clicking on THIS LINK.

Creations of Esperantujo


Fundamenta Vorto de la Semajno

New Videos

TEJO Esperanto’s series on what Esperantists do during a pandemic is well made and a great listening resource with plenty of relevant vocabulary. Give it a listen, and their YouTube channel has plenty of other great content!

Appearing on Radaro for a second week in a row, Keep It Simple Esperanto is a great YouTube channel which posts videos in English or Esperanto on a variety of topics. The most recent video discusses “Where are the Esperantists?” 

Want to listen to a native Esperanto speaker? Listen to the video below, a part of the Wikitongues project!

New Podcasts

Zamenhofaj Meditoj is a regularly updated podcast on Spotify! The podcast consists of short segments (5-9 minutes) where Esperantist Federico Gobbo discusses a given topic. With the season finale being released, there are plenty of episodes to choose from.

 Having trouble viewing? Click on this link!

This week’s Fundamento is: Sonĝo

From French songe | sogno| sonho | sueño |somni |Traum|мечта

Find it in the PIV:



English-Esperanto Annotated Dictionary:
The best English-Esperanto dictionary, includes compound English words.

Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto:

The online dictionary that defines Esperanto in Esperanto.
The most awesome Esperanto spelling and grammar checker on the internet.
Lernu Dictionary:
Komputeka: The Universal Computer Terminology Collection:

Books, Free

Project Gutenberg:
Bitoteko de Hispana Esperanto-Federacio: