Saluton from Radaro!

As speakers and enthusiasts of Esperanto it’s good to maintain a broad perspective even while we deal with the mundane details of life. It is true that we have our daily obligations, but it is always refreshing to turn to Esperanto, read good literature, interact with cool people, and stay connected with the world by means of our charming language. To stay in line with this theme, this week’s resources will keep you connected through a variety of reading material, but also through featured videos that show how fellow Esperantists are living currently.

Until next week, friends!

Website of the Week: Verkoj


A site dedicated to translation and literature in Esperanto awaits you at Verkoj! While you may find useful resources throughout the site, I thought it would be good to post it due to their section for beginners. You will find book recommendations for komencantoj along with full texts ready for you to read!

Find the page here:

Meme Magic

I like my Esperanto well done

Donato’s Diamonds

Old and Modern literature to help you become a cultured Esperantisto!

If you’re curious to dip your toes into some classic literature including the New Testament, H.G. Wells, Orwell, and even Bukowski, then come browse this long selection of full PDF texts. Maybe it’s not for complete beginners, but if you’ve got the basics down you might want to take a look at what lies just beyond your current skill horizons!

Check out the texts here:


Interested in reading well written articles about (seemingly) random things in Esperanto to hone your reading skills? Check out Vikipedio’s newest featured article: .

It’s always a pleasure to read Wikipedia in other languages; more often than not you learn fun tidbits when you read the article in more than one language a monolingual wouldn’t have learned.

Creations of Esperantujo

Want to know what college life in China is like during the pandemic? Listen to these students recount their experiences in Esperanto!

Fundamenta Vorto de la Semajno

This week’s Fundamento Word is: Glavo

glav ́ glaive, épée | sword | Schwert | мечъ | miecz

Find it in the PIV:



English-Esperanto Annotated Dictionary:
The best English-Esperanto dictionary, includes compound English words.

Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto:

The online dictionary that defines Esperanto in Esperanto.
The most awesome Esperanto spelling and grammar checker on the internet.
Lernu Dictionary:
Komputeka: The Universal Computer Terminology Collection:

Books, Free

Project Gutenberg:
Bitoteko de Hispana Esperanto-Federacio: