Saluton from Radaro!

It’s always a special occasion when Alekso releases another one of his short films, and once again, it lives up to the hype! Do consider checking out ESF’s website and blog if you would like a more academic perspective on Esperanto, you will not be disappointed. Other than that, pay a visit to the talking Esperanto robot and keep up with new youtube videos and memes.

Have a very cool Thanksgiving week!

Website of the Week

Espero gives little bits of good news from around the world.  Uplifting, and in fairly simple Esperanto, it’s another wonderful gift to Esperantujo from Johannes Genberg.

Meme Magic

La pli alta nivelo…

Donato’s Diamonds: Parol, La Voĉroboto

Come have a chat with Parol, the Voĉroboto! Created by Martin Rue, Parol uses the similar phonetics of Polish to produce accurately pronounced Esperanto. If you need to understand how a phrase should sound like, or with improving your pronounciation you can type in phrases and Parol will recite them. You can also download what you type so you can always go back, practice, and listen without re-entering phrases.


Esperantic Studies Foundation blog

Come read the newest blog post at ESF by Mark Fettes about linguistic justice and consider subscribing to keep up with fascinating insights into Esperanto!

An indigenous language of India is receiving a new typeface!

Read about it in Esperanto (also in English) here:

Read this new and interesting blog post about an Esperantist traveling in Poland!


Novaĵoj de Ines el Pollando



Want an interesting, well made, and in-depth textbook to help you learn Esperanto, or brush up on a few concepts? There’s a great PDF online for free with tons of exercises and lessons!

Here it is:–files/kellerman-answerkey/Kellerman%20Kolor.pdf 

Vikipedio article of the week: Faraono (Pharaoh)

Read about it in Esperanto (also in English) here:

Creations of Esperantujo

Fundamenta Vorto de la Semajno

This week’s Fundamento Word is: Lampiro

lampir ́ verluisant | glow-worm | Leuchtkäfer | свтлякъ | świetlik

Find it in the PIV:



English-Esperanto Annotated Dictionary:
The best English-Esperanto dictionary, includes compound English words.

Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto:

The online dictionary that defines Esperanto in Esperanto.
The most awesome Esperanto spelling and grammar checker on the internet.
Lernu Dictionary:
Komputeka: The Universal Computer Terminology Collection:

Books, Free

Project Gutenberg:
Bitoteko de Hispana Esperanto-Federacio: