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Website of the Week: Neciklopedio

This is probably one of the sillier websites you will come across in Esperanto, but it’s worth mentioning if you’re willing to have some dumb entertainment. Neciklopedio is a parody version of Vikipedio as it is full of nonsense articles that you can explore to your heart’s content! Seriously, the article on Ido alone is worth checking out.

Meme Magic

Online classes are a humbling experience for students and teachers alike!

Donato’s Diamonds

La Bona Renkontiĝo kun Stela

Some of you might remember a denaskulo named Stela who spoke Esperanto for a Wikitongues video. If you have any further interest in her perspective and work as an Esperantist then you may want to visit Stela’s podcast where a variety of guests chat about different topics related to Esperantujo.



Come see this last week’s latest updates on Vikinovaĵoj. Keep up with the latest developments around the world on a weekly basis!



Want an interesting, well made, and in-depth textbook to help you learn Esperanto, or brush up on a few concepts? There’s a great PDF online for free with tons of exercises and lessons!

Here it is:–files/kellerman-answerkey/Kellerman%20Kolor.pdf 

Creations of Esperantujo

Fundamenta Vorto de la Semajno

This week’s Fundamento Word is: Lafo

laf ́ lava | lava | Lava | лава | lawa

Find it in the PIV:



English-Esperanto Annotated Dictionary:
The best English-Esperanto dictionary, includes compound English words.

Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto:

The online dictionary that defines Esperanto in Esperanto.
The most awesome Esperanto spelling and grammar checker on the internet.
Lernu Dictionary:
Komputeka: The Universal Computer Terminology Collection:

Books, Free

Project Gutenberg:
Bitoteko de Hispana Esperanto-Federacio: