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December 7th, 2020

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Our team likes to keep its sights on the future as well as the past. As you can tell, a new layout has been introduced by our forward-minded friend Quintyn who has been a source of excellent ideas. We hope you all like Radaro’s new aesthetic as much as we do!

Have an mirinda week, everyone!

Zamenhofa Tago Meeting

From Esperanto Society of the Triangle’s Tim Gee:

“In December, we historically forgo a monthly meeting and all join at a local restaurant to celebrate Zamenhof’s birthday. In a surprising twist, 2020 has thrown a monkey wrench into this tradition. This year…hopefully this year only…we’re trying something completely different. However, food will still be involved.

Prepare a dish that you really enjoy and you think that others may like as well. During the Zoom meeting we’ll encourage each attendee to display the dish and provide a short blurb about it’s history (how you learned about it) and a bit of info about how it’s prepared. After the Show and Tell, we’ll all “tuck in” (an Australian term used to make Chuck fondly remember his years Down Under) … for the rest of us, “chow down.” The remainder of the meeting will be Eat, Drink and Be Merry with free form discussions.”

Email Tim Gee if you have any questions: timgee@bellsouth.net 


December 20th starting at 18:00 EST








Website of the Week: Vikifontaro

Visit the Esperanto version of Wikisource to get the latest public domain publications in one central site. You can find literature, official releases from Esperanto-centered organizations, and possibly much more. It’s always neat to see how expansive Esperantujo!


Meme Magic

Donato’s Diamonds

La Esperantista Mondmapo

Visit the Esperantujo Directory to view an interactive world map populated by Esperanto speakers. You can use this site to connect with Esperantists who have made their contact info public. It may even be a good tool for deciding on post-Covid travel destinations!


Fundamento Word of the Week: Leontodo

leontod ́ dent de lion | dandelion | Hundeblume | одуванчикъ | kaczyniec

Find it in the PIV: https://vortaro.net/#leontodo_kd


Vikipedio Article of the Week

Bjalistoko: Read about the largest city in north-east Poland!





Article Link: https://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bjalistoko 

Creations of the Esperantujo





English-Esperanto Annotated Dictionary: http://www.esperanto-me.org/dic/?
The best English-Esperanto dictionary, includes compound English words.
Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto: http://vortaro.net
The online dictionary that defines Esperanto in Esperanto.

The most awesome Esperanto spelling and grammar checker on the internet.

Lernu Dictionary: 



Komputeka: The Universal Computer Terminology Collection: https://komputeko.net/index_en.php



Project Gutenberg: 

Bitoteko de Hispana Esperanto-Federacio:


On Sale:

Esperanto USA Retbutiko:




Our Contributors

We need volunteers to help with Radaro.  Most tasks are not very time consuming.  Please contact us at chloe.everhart@radaro.org if you are interested. 

Chloe Everhart

Chloe Everhart

Chuck Mays

Chuck Mays

Donato Valdiva

Donato Valdiva

Quintyn Bobb

Quintyn Bobb

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