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Mia Prelego

de Joshua

During this year’s International Language Week, I was offered the opportunity to speak about Esperanto. Of course, I graciously accepted their offer…

I spoke at my school assembly in front of 1700+ students, which was very nerve-wracking to say the least… however the blow was somewhat softened by the knowledge that most of them would not be paying attention, as hardly anybody does during these times.

When I got up to speak, I opened with: 

“Imagine a language so easy to learn as to make the acquisition mere play to the learner, one with regular grammar and phonetic spelling. No non-standard verbs, no strange plural forms, no irregular grammar rules, unknown to the beginner learner. This Language is Esperanto, and its creator, Doctor Ludwik Zamenhof, was a hopeful man in Poland, who dreamed of a world united by one International second language. A language not influenced by years of oppression and hatred, one not limited by borders, race or religion”

There was then some talking about the history, Congresses, Pasporta Servo, etc. I then ended with this quote from “La Espero”:

“‘Sur neŭtrala lingva fundamento, komprenante unu la alian, la popoloj faros en konsento, unu grandan rondon familian’
‘On the basis of a neutral language, and through the understanding of one another, humanity will become one large family’”

I believe the best way to promote and share Esperanto is in person, so I hope to be able to speak again next year. Although by that stage, the learners in our city’s club will be skilled enough to present something themselves.

Overall, this was a success, however next time I will be clearer that I was not speaking about Spanish, as some were confused about that.


Vikipedio Article of the Week:

Fakaj Esperanto-asocioj

Fakaj Esperantaj Asocioj estas grupoj de Esperantistoj kiu havas similajn au specialigitajn interesojn. Ekzemple:

GLAT-aj homoj

Translation Exercises

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EN->EO: Hello! My name is Doctor Chris, how can I help you today? I heard from my assistant that the muscles in your leg are hurting.

EO->EN: Vi bezonas pli varmajn vestaĵojn! En vintro la vetero estas malvarma, vi tro malvarmos!

Fundamento Word of the Week: Fiero and Malfrui

La ĉi-semajna vorto estas “Fier-o”
PIV: “Tio, pro kio oni fieras”
Frazo: “Feliĉan Monaton de Fiero!”

La dua ĉi-semajna vorto estas “Mal-fru-i”
PIV: “Okazi, alveni malfrue”
Frazo: “Ni tro malfruas, ne plu estas la monato de Fiero”

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