Ĝeneralaj Interesaĵoj kaj novaĵoj

Saluton Radaranoj! It’s here at last, the final Radaro Report of August, 2022! We hope you enjoy this report! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, or if you’d like to contribute, reach out to us at RadaroTeam@gmail.com. See you in September!

Q’s Corner

Q’s Corner will be released on Wednesday — keep an eye out!

Esperanto Gramatiko


Weekly Words



Pro via orgojlo, ni ne geamikoj estas.


to prattle, to not make sense

Kion vi volas diri? Vi sensensumis.

Weekly Article Highlight(s)

What is that brilliant ball of light floating in the sky? Perhaps a deep dive into our Solar System may answer that question! Esperanto has a lot of scientific works, don’t be afraid to check out the attached links at the end of the article!

Esperanto literature has a vibrant history, in response to the question posed last week! Take a read of the history of literature in Esperanto — it can help you get started if you’re looking for more advanced readings!

Photo: Jozefo Wasniewski

Esperantujaĵoj – Verkoj de la Esperantujo

Translation Exercises

EN-EO: Have you ever set a car on fire? Don’t give me that look, it was a different time!

EO-EN: Cxu vi jam acxetis la libron? Mi volas ke li gxin havos subite!

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