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RETO is an online event for Esperantists who cannot attend the Universal Congress. It will take place on the 13th -15th of August and will contain lectures, discussions, films, and other programs.

Phil Dorcas from Esperanto-USA and Chuck Mays from the Esperantic Studies Foundation will lecture at RETO. Even more importantly, some Esperantists who have never lectured in Esperanto before will talk about their interests.

Interested in learning more? Visit for more information!

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The password is retkolibro

Radaro Report (La 8-a de Aŭgusto)

Ĝeneralaj Interesaĵoj kaj novaĵojSaluton karaj Radaranoj, and welcome to Radaro’s new report, published on 8/8/22 (That's 8/8/22 for the Europeans).  We hope you enjoy this report as much as we enjoyed making it! If you’re interested in improving your Esperanto and...
Meme about Esperanto being a pyramid scheme to make friends

The Radaro Report 2020-June-29

Saluton from Radaro! Lernu per Signifa Laboro Komencas NASK, kaj tiam estos la landa kongreso.  Mi estas lernanto en NASK, kaj mi estos partoprenanto en la Landa Kongreso.  Mi aktuale faras iomete da voluntalan laboron, kiu mi tre ĝojas.  Pro tio, mia nivelo en...
two cats walk: says Tagoj kiam neniu diris al mi ke mi forgesis uzi la akuzativon

The Radaro Report 2020-June-22

Saluton from Radaro! Ni komencu kun alia pensema skribado el filipo DORCAS. We begin with another thoughtful contribution from Filipo Dorcas: Wear a Mask What do we do as Esperanto speakers to make this world a better place?  It is easy for me to fall into the trap of...
bildo de zamenhof, picture of zamenhof

The Radaro Report 2020-June-15

Saluton from Radaro! We open with an article contributed by filipo, Esperanto-USA's hardworking president: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” - Arthur Ashe We don’t have to speak Esperanto perfectly in order to make a difference.  We don’t have...
fenestro dirita en multajn lingvojn

The Radaro Report 2020-June-08

Saluton from Radaro!  This week, open by pondering the important questions posed by filipo Dorcas, president of Esperanto-USA: Racial Justice and Esperanto With Racial Justice in the forefront of the news we cannot help but ask ourselves, what role does Esperanto play...

The Radaro Report 2020-May-25

Saluton from Radaro! Welcome back! We hope your gardens are successfully continuing to grow and your Esperanto skills blossoming more than ever. Spring is the perfect time for renewal and growth in new directions, so feel free to try out something adventurous like...

The Radaro Report 2020-04-27

Saluton from Radaro! Although there has been significant changes to future Esperanto events, I believe it is good to settle our minds with things that never change. One thing that Esperantists will always passionately discuss are the minutae of the language! Issues...

The Radaro Report 2020-04-20

Saluton from Radaro! Hear ye. there are interesting developments in Esperantujo! Thankfully the organizers of the events listed below have adapted to current circumstances and will be switching to virtual platforms which we highly encourage all of you to check out....

The Radaro Report 2020-April-13

Saluton from Radaro! We hope everyone has enjoyed the silver lining of having fresher air in recent times. Although there are plenty of new uploads this week, one that truly stands out is the website of the week. Seriously, you can read the Lord of the Rings trilogy,...

The Radaro Report 2020-March-16

Saluton from Radaro! Whether you have been following Radaro for some time or this is your first edition, you will notice that we enjoy shining the spotlight on the accomplishments of Esperantists. This week is no different since we acknowledge the fact that more...

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