Radaro Report March 21st, 2022

Radaro Report March 21st, 2022

Upcoming Events/NewsAfter a brief hiatus, Radaro is back! We’ll go back to releasing a new post monthly on Mondays. If you would like to contribute to Radaro, through being an editor or pointing the team in the direction of other Esperanto resources, or if you have...

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Report – April 2021

Report – April 2021

From the Radaro TeamSalutations,  We’re back after a bit of a break and have a few major updates! First, two of our contributors, Chloe and Donato, are taking a step back from editing the Radaro channel. I want to thank them for all of the hard work they’ve put into...

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Radaro Report 2021-03-08

Radaro Report 2021-03-08

From the Radaro Team We hope that everyone is safe and enjoying the start to their week! If not, hopefully you'll enjoy some Esperanto content this week!  News and UpdatesLa Internacia Reta Interfaka SimpozioThe TEJO Commission on Education, Science and Culture...

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Major Events

NASK 2022

3-9 July 20221, Raleigh, NC https://www.esperantic.org/en/nask-2022-1/

Specific Volunteer Needs


We want to assure the hightest quality so we are looking for volunteers to proofread text and verify links before a posting goes live.

Email chloe.everhart@radaro.org if you can help.

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The Radaro news channel brings news, events and interesting articles from a variety of sources to the attention of new Esperanto speakers.

Readers of Radaro have a window on the very active Esperanto community in North America and the world.

Headlines are in English with details and more information in English or Esperanto.

Once a week a notice is sent to email subscribers and is posted on the most popular social media outlets that Esperanto speakers use.

Please help us make Radaro better by sending your ideas for improvements and sources for news items you would like see.

Pri Radaro.

La Novaĵo-Kanalo Radaro estas loko kun novaĵoj kaj informoj pri eventoj en Norda Ameriko plejparte en la Angla lingvo. La celo estas, ke novaj lernantoj de Esperanto povas facile ekscii pri la abundaĵo, kiu okazas en Esperantujo.

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Please include the complete text, image(s), headline, links to videos and credits (e.g.for photos) and the source (your name and email address). 

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We need volunteers to help with Radaro.  Most tasks are not very time consumming.  Please contact us if you can help with:

  • Monitoring for news from a specific source of news or in a specific area of interest.  For example news from UEA, TEJO or ILERA.
  • Proof reading and checking links before a new posting.
  • Proof reading Esperanto text.
  • Posting to a social media outlet like Twitter or Instagram

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